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Quality Castings (Slough) Limited is a privately owned company initially established in Slough in 1959, we moved to our current purpose built Foundry based in Bury St Edmunds in 1968 and established our long standing routes with the aim of becoming the best in class manufacturing establishment.

Our manufacturing facilities are based around the Gravity Die and Air set sand moulding processes which combined produce in excess of 800 tonnes of aluminium alloy castings per year.

Our Quality Policy and procedures are set to the highest standards which demonstrate our commitment to exceed all our customer requirements and expectations.

Quality Castings are a modern and progressive foundry having over 50 years of experience in the production of high quality aluminium alloy castings.

We are constantly working to meet the continuously increasing demands and standards of our customers who along with ourselves are all working within an increasingly competitive market. This is achieved by ensuring that our dedicated skilled work force are involved at all stages throughout the business, and by using a combination of traditional foundry practices and knowledge, along with new modern practices and technology our goals are achieved.

A high proportion of our castings are required to meet very high standards of integrity which include zero defects in flame paths for safety hazardous components used within the petro chemical, gas, oil and mining industries, we also use inspection processes such as x-Ray and Dye Penetrant detection.

Services and Manufacturing Processes

Foundry Tooling

Our own in-house Planning and Engineering team design our entire gravity die tooling and sand cast pattern equipment based on our customer requirements, all methods (Runner and Feeder systems) are calculated based on the latest technology including locations for filters and wells.

Manufacturing of all new and refurbished tooling is sub-contracted out to approved suppliers who have the capacity and capability to produce tooling to the highest standards using both traditional and CAD/CAM methods. Our Engineers oversee the process thereby ensuring all tooling is produced to the required standard and where necessary help by adding foundry expertise as and when required

Meet some of our Key Personnel:

Peter Tarrant

Keith Honeyman

David Ball
Peter Tarrant
Keith Bonsor
( Managing Director)
David Ball
(Quality Assurance Manager)

Our own specialist engineers design all tooling for gravity dies and sand foundry patterns.

Manufacture of this tooling is sub-contracted to Die/Patternmakers having the capability to manufacture using both traditional and CAD/CAM methods. Customers existing tooling can often be used either in its current condition or after modification or refurbishment.
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From tooling design to fully machined and painted castings Quality Castings can offer a complete 'One Stop Shop' solution for your casting requirements.

Whether you require a small batch of raw castings or a regular scheduled supply of finished castings ready for assembly we have the expertise to fulfill your requirement.
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The quality policy of Quality Castings (Slough)
Ltd. is designed to outline our objectives for quality
and show it's commitment to quality. It is also
a key factor in the achievement of the Company's
overall business objectives,

Quality Castings (Slough) Ltd operate a quality
management system approved by Lloyds
Register Quality Assurance to BS EN ISO 9001.
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